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Alopecia (Hairfall)

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What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder which leads to rapid loss of hair. Hair loss can be partial or complete. In extreme cases, a patient might experience hair loss throughout the body. Alopecia can severely affect the self-image and self-esteem of a person.

What is the root cause of Alopecia according to Ayurveda?

In ancient Ayurveda texts, Alopecia is referred to as "Loma Shaya". The word "Loma" refers to hair (all hair in the body), and the word "Shaya" means loss or deterioration.

The primary cause of Alopecia is vatta dosha vitiation. Skin is the abode of vatta dosha. When internal toxins pollute the skin, it becomes an incubation ground for vatta dosha vitiation. Accumulation of vatta elements in the skin destroys hair roots. Dominant effect of vatta vitiation is visible through hairloss in the head region and in advanced stages, hair-loss is observed throughout the body.  

Lifestyle related issues that cause Alopecia:

All vatta vitiating factors are responsible for Alopecia. Some of the significant ones are:

•    Irregular meal time
•    Excessive fasting
•    Eating unhealthy, junk food
•    Eating when not hungry
•    Eating incompatible food combinations  
•    Frequent mid-meal snacks
•    Very frequent travel
•    Irregular sleep-wake cycle
•    Lack of good quality sleep
•    Excessive sexual intercourse
•    Manual overexertion
•    Extreme stress, anxiety, or sorrow emotions

Ayurvedic treatment for Alopecia

Ayurveda diet restriction for Alopecia:

Diet is a very crucial part of Alopecia. Alopecia patients must not have certain vatta vitiating food, such as brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, select green vegetables such as spinach, amaranthus, methi, greenbeans, etc.
Alopecia patient must also avoid all acidic food that can aggravate inflammation and autoimmune response, like vinegar, soya sauce, tamarind, alcohol, red chili, etc.  


Ayurveda therapies for Alopecia:

Panchakarma detox is vital for a comprehensive treatment and to rebalance vatta dosha. Therapies such as basti (therapeutic enema for vatta dosha), Shirodhara and Ayurvedic head spa are highly beneficial.

Ayurveda herbal medicines for Alopecia treatment:

Topical application and oral intake of Ayurvedic herbs like Bhrigaraj, Amla, Brahmi, etc. effectively slow down the rate of hair-fall.

Yoga & Meditation for Alopecia:

Stress relief through meditation, mantra therapy, and expressive arts therapy and vatta balancing yoga exercises such as Balasana, Suptavirasana, Dhanurasana etc. speeds up recovery process.

Ayurveda offers a side-effects free, and natural management for successfully containing Alopecia.

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