How your dominant ayurveda dosha: Vatta, Pitta, or Kapha defines YOU

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

According to 5000 year old health science of Ayurveda, human body comprises of 3 fundamental doshas or bio-energies that are derived from 5 basic elements (Earth, Ether, Air, Fire & Water). Even though each human being has all three 3 fundamental energies, there is always one dominant energy that reflects an individual’s overall mind-body makeup.

“Understanding your mind-body constitution and building a lifestyle around it that supports your unique nature is the mantra for a joyful life” – Deepak Chopra

The 3 fundamental Bio-energies with dominant energy traits are explained below. Read carefully and find-out which dominant energy defines you:

Vatta Dosha (air element + ether element): Energy that controls mind & body