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Planned to be a haven for tranquility, Himalayan Wellness Retreats is nestled in Shivalik foothills of the Himalayan range in northern part of India - approximately 40km from Chandigarh & 250km from the capital city - New Delhi. The retreat center is spread over an area of 25 acres, surrounded by lush green hills, where the climate is salubrious, temperature is comfortable, & atmosphere is peaceful.

Retreat center amenities include Ayurvedic Therapy Block, Residential Block with full furnished rooms, Dining Area, Organic Farm with herbal garden , Dairy Farm, 3 Temples, and Yoga & Meditation facilities. Various traditional Indian festivals such as Holi (color festival) & Diwali (festival of lights) etc. are also celebrated on campus.    

Our team of expert ayurvedic physicians, adept therapists & experienced staff use a combination of 5000 years old proven Ayurvedic Therapies, Ayurvedic Food, Herbal Medicines (with no side-effect), Yoga & Meditation to heal you from inside out and get you to your peak physical and mental state.

You can choose between 7-day to 28-day immersive retreat program and treat yourself to a life changing physical, mental & spiritual experience !!!


We Offer Ayurveda Treatments for...


Detox & Rejuvenate each and every cell of your body with Panchakarma


Yes, you can enjoy all your meals. IBS can be completely cured with Ayurveda.


Control hair fall by rebalancing vatta dosha with Ayurveda therapies  


Preserve precious memories and control onset of dementia with Ayurveda


Get immediate relief from  chronic backpain and incorrect posture


Diabetes can be successfully managed by following an Ayurvedic lifestyle

Top 3 Reasons to choose Us


1. Expert Ayurveda Physicians

At Himalayan Wellness Retreats, you get access to world-renowned Ayurvedic physicians & therapists with world-wide clientele.

2. One of a kind location in the Himalayas, India

Himalayan Wellness Retreats is spread across 25 acres of green and open space in the foot-hills of Himalayas, India. We get plenty of sunshine throughout the year with an average temperature of 25 comfortable degrees.

3. The best value for your money

With all inclusive packages, superior quality of service, and top-grade infrastructure, at Himalayan Wellness Retreats, you get an unmatched Physical, Mental & Spiritual experience.




I had my treatment here for 14 days and it helped alleviate my chronic back pain since 2004. I highly recommend this place to NRI clients who are looking for authentic Ayurvedic treatments. The staff was very helpful in achieving my treatment goals. I am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully next year.

— Mira Thanki



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